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Friday, 22 January 2016

Achievement Awards

Well done to Holly and Hamza who were both awarded with today's achievement award. Holly was awarded her certificate for fantastic work in our science lesson and Hamza was awarded his for fantastic speaking and Listening work in English.


Well done to this weeks spelling bees. The children included their spelling words in full sentences again which is quite a challenge. keep up the hard work children and remember to practise your spellings each evening.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

2.1 visit to the ThinkTank

We have had a fantastic day at the ThinkTank today.We visited 6 different galleries: Kids City, We Made It, The Street, Things About Me, Wild Life and The Past.

We had lots of fun in 'The All about me' gallery. We learned about how our body works and the importance of exercise and the correct diet.

The girls enjoyed the exercise dance routine

 The next gallery that we visited was Kid City which is a mini city where the children can play and learn together.
Lewis, Konagh and Kortney as ambulance drivers.

Mussa is making a very important phone call.

Ismaeel bravely sat in the dentists chair!

Lexie, Kyeisha and Ameliah as ambulance drivers.
Before lunch, we visited the 'We Made it' gallery. Our first stop was the Spitfire gallery.

Holly the pilot.

Joshua the pilot.

Kortney and Joshua

The three piloteers.



 We were surprised to find out how  many different things were actually made in Birmingham.

We couldn't leave the gallery without taking a few photos of ourselves.

Holly and Sahira

Miss O'Grady joined in too.

Sahira, Holly, Alisha and Hannia

After eating our delicious lunch, we went to 'The Street' gallery to learn about the engineering behind everyday life.