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Monday, 12 October 2015

2.1s visit to the Botanical Gardens

On Thursday, Year 2 had a fantastic day out at the Botanical Gardens because we are learning about Weather and Climate in our topic lessons.

We were able to experience four different climates in each of the greenhouses at the gardens and we also learned more about the plants that are able to grow in each climate.

Our favourite greenhouse was the Tropical Greenhouse because the climate was hot and wet. There were beautiful fish inside the pond. They were called Koi Carp and they were huge. We were shocked to find that some bananas were growing inside this house too. Can you spot them in this picture?

Amanda, a volunteer at the gardens, kindly showed us around the grounds.

The secret bamboo trail was great. Did you know that bamboo is the strongest plant in the world and can grow up to a metre a day in some parts of the Amazon Rainforest?

Some of the birds inside the avery were very noisy. We met two Amazon Rainforest parrots who liked to make a lot of noise.

After lunch, we took part in the Rainforest Workshop. During this workshop, we learned more about some of the plants that we had seen growing in the gardens. To begin with, we looked at a map and found countries that had a tropical climate. We knew that these countries would be close to the equator. Our guide was very impressed with us.

We were able to touch and smell different seeds from the plants. Can you spot the cotton seed?

Ameliah tried to break the bamboo into pieces but it was far too strong.

We ended the day with a short play on the grass before leaving to return back to school. 

We learned lots of information at the gardens which will help us with our topic work on weather and climate. Keep posted to see some of our follow up work.